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Yoga Food: Plant Based Eating on Retreats

gluten free plant based pancakes with nutella

We know you want to know: What is yoga food exactly, and why do we encourage plant based eating on retreats? We get that you’re curious about what you’ll be eating on your retreat before you book your ticket and we know that for some of you the idea of a fully plant based menu might send you into a bit of a tailspin.

While the exponential rise in plant based diets over the last couple of years means veganism is no longer niche, being faced with a packed retreat schedule and menus centered completely around plants can still be a scary concept to get on board with, especially if you eat differently at home. You will be happy to know though, that our meal times and menus are as important to your retreat experience as the yoga and the extraordinary settings are.
plant based chef in kitchen
Plant based cooking on a yoga retreat

Why Plant Based Eating on Retreats?

The ‘why’ behind our menu has years’ worth of trial behind it. Far from jumping on the vegan trend, we have been serving plant based food on most of our yoga retreats (check the retreat menu section for your preferred retreat to find out which menu type we will be offering) for more than 10 years. This was a conscious choice to ensure our guests get the best from their experience both physically and mentally, and our Reclaim Your Self food ethos developed as a result.

Yogis are famed for their healthy diets and lifestyles, it comes with the mindful territory. So yoga food is renowned for being healthy, extra nutritious and leaving you feeling as vibrant as the ingredients themselves.

Filling our plates with plant based food means we can eat more and squeeze in as many nutrients as possible to fuel our yoga classes and exotic adventures without grumbling bellies slowing us down. Making plants the stars of our meals means increasing fibre, vitamins and minerals and lowering our intake of refined sugar, processed carbs and artificial ingredients.

Vegan Food is Fun!

Plants don’t mean bland though. Our chefs are experts in curating tasty and exciting dishes from local sources. Bettina Campolucci Bordi of Bettina’s Kitchen, author of plant based cookbook Happy Food, and chef and menu developer on many of our retreats says,

‘Plant based foods are a great option on yoga retreats because they increase energy levels, speed up recovery time and encourage optimal digestion. The retreat setting also provides the perfect opportunity to banish any preconceived ideas around plant foods and showcase the abundant variety and infinite options they offer!’

And abundance is right, our guests can expect delights such as chocolate cake and cheesecake, smoked vegan cheese and pesto on sourdough toast, and fluffy gluten free pancakes.

Yoga retreat chocolate cake
We have tasty chocolate cakes like these on retreat

Check out Bettina’s Banana Pancakes with Homemade Nutella recipe here for an insight into how she weaves her magic to turn plant based ingredients into spectacular dishes. It’s safe to say, we don’t believe in food restriction and detox-induced stress, especially when you are on retreat and supposed to be feeling calm and content! Here is what Bettina has to say about that!

Unexpected Benefits of Plant Based Eating…

As a result of our yoga food, guests are forever marvelling at how much they are able to eat during their stay whilst still feeling light enough to go from lunch to pincha pose with ease. Improved gut motility—aka. more frequent and satisfying bowel movements—are another unexpected but welcomed side effect of the increased fibre that comes with switching to plant based eating!

So, rather than arriving anxious at the thought of your impending vegan diet, you can leave any uncertainties around being hungry and unsatisfied at the airport and show up knowing your tummy and taste buds will be happy throughout. We have no doubt you will leave feeling your most energetic, high-vibing self.

If you do not usually eat a plant-based diet and have any concerns we encourage you to discuss these with us – ideally before you book but most definitely well in advance of your retreat. Here is a link to email us about this. We look forward to introducing you to the power of plants!

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