Reclaim Your Self food ethos

Our yoga retreat food ethos

We offer plant-based menus on most of our retreats. Many of our menus are gluten free although sometimes you may be offered spelt or other high-quality breads baked with ancient grains. In some locations you may be offered a vegetarian menu with vegan options. Please check the retreat menu section for your preferred retreat to find out which menu type we will be offering.

Our yoga retreat menus are made up of nutrient dense foods that are gentle on the digestion. We are not about deprivation and we will fill you up with nourishing and flavoursome food that gives you energy and makes you happy. There are always plenty of options and you will be served with a selection of beautifully presented and absolutely delicious dishes at every meal.

You’ll be doing some strenuous exercise on our retreats, so we make sure that your menus are fully balanced when it comes to micro and macro nutrients. We select our nuts, seeds and grains very carefully and limit use of pulses. In addition to your balanced and sustaining meals, we provide snack bars in your welcome pack in case you need to energise before your yoga classes.

Our menus reflect the available food sources at the time of year. In places like Italy and Costa Rica there is plenty of fresh produce grown on nearby farms, so you’ll be served wonderfully abundant meals with plenty of variations. In places like Mongolia and Iceland where they have restricted growing seasons, there is not such a wide variety of produce available so our chefs work their magic to create simpler but very tasty menus.

Our chefs

Internationally acclaimed chef Bettina Campolucci Bordi creates the menus for many of our retreats. We sometimes have guest chefs or use brilliant local chefs when we are sure they can create delicious high-quality menus. These are people with many years professional experience who know how to feed you and feed you well!

Food sources

We source our ingredients from local producers whenever we can. If we have the opportunity, we also head out with our local teams to forage local herbs, fruits and berries. We try to avoid using supermarkets and we use imported goods only when we have to. Our chefs take the time to research local suppliers to be sure they can access the best quality produce for their dishes.

Drinking on retreat

We serve soothing linseed tea and a pre-yoga elixir every morning and our own handmade herbal tea infusions with each meal, using our 3-pillar approach of energising, digestive and relaxing. In warmer countries you’ll have smoothies with your breakfast and in cooler places we serve turmeric lattes, hot chocolate or chai.

We encourage you to keep your caffeine consumption minimal during your yoga retreat but for those who don’t want to exclude caffeine we one good quality coffee with breakfast and green tea/English breakfast tea during the day.

We don’t have alcohol on our retreats and we request that you do not bring alcohol with you. However, if you feel like a glass of something when you are out that is fine with us. We encourage you to please do so mindfully and moderately so that you can get the most out of your yoga retreat.

Special diets

We want to make sure you feel full and happy after every meal which is why we offer as many variations and options as we can with each meal. We are able to cater for food allergies and intolerances but we do have set menus, so any other alterations are not possible due to limitations of stock and kitchen facilities.

If you do not usually eat a plant-based diet and have any concerns we encourage you to discuss these with us – ideally before you book but most definitely well in advance of your retreat. Here is a link to email us about this. Thank you.


Sample Summer Menu


  • Creamy chia pudding with summer fruits
  • Abundant seasonal fruit platters
  • Rainbow smoothies *
  • Pancakes with generous dollops of nut butters
  • A slice of banana bread and rosemary lemon tea


  • Summer soup with home made crackers and dips
  • Zucchini fritters and a huge salad
  • Chocolate cake

Evening meal 

  • Non-meatballs with carrot mash, gravy and quick pickled dill cucumbers
  • Peppery rocket salad

Sample Winter Menu


  • Porridge with poached pears
  • Smoked vegan cheese and pesto on sourdough toast
  • Roasted veggies, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach
  • Turmeric latte and a home made breakfast bar


  • Warming chilli, sour cream and salsa
  • Freshly made tortilla
  • Crunchy salad
  • Baked cheesecake with warm berries


  • Spicy vegetable soup with basil oil
  • Roasted roots with macadamia nut cheese herbs
  • Veggie crumble bake with creamed carrots and marinated wintergreens

* All of our smoothies are boosted with high quality, plant based proteins.