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Retreat Chef Bettina Bordi

Our brilliant plant based chef, Bettina Bordi, is passionate about the difference a healthy lifestyle can make to mind, body and spirit.

Her plant based journey started off as an experiment after she started to run yoga retreats where she did all the cooking and the food had to be plant based, gluten free and free of refined sugar. Bettina started to create dishes that tasted familiar, were comforting during a sensitive week and did not compromise on flavour or taste. This sparked a love affair with creativity, ingredients and ways of using them.

After experiencing her own health issues Bettina realised the impact that healthy, detoxifying food can have and what had started as an experiment at the yoga retreats became her life and the foundation of her career. You can read more about Bettina’s story here.

Bettina lives in Spain with her husband and daughter Ayla. And for Bettina, her young daughter plays a key part in the reason she does what she does.

“She is a part of the new generation that will hopefully help us all make a shift in what we eat and how we treat our bodies. For her to learn the importance of food, where it comes from and how to prepare it, is my biggest wish.”

When we asked Bettina why she loves cooking on our retreats the answer was “because most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” She is on a constant quest to educate both herself and others to find tasty solutions to everything – whether it’s for health reasons or intolerances. And of course, she loves the opportunity to travel:

“My passion has taken me on so many adventures and allowed me to cross paths with many incredible individuals – I am eternally grateful.”

Bettina has created her delicious food on our Zanzibar yoga retreat and in Iceland too. She will be working her magic in Mongolia next year and on the Norway yoga retreat in 2018.

Bettina hopes her cooking inspires some people back into their kitchens, encourages them to shop at local farmers’ markets, eat seasonally, incorporate plant based ingredients more and use their imagination to create meals for themselves, their family and friends.

“There are no labels or rules, just good food. I hope my passion and creations inspire you to view food differently and restore your faith in natural, healthy eating.”

Feeling inspired? Why not try making your own cashew cheese (pictured below)? One of our favourite Bettina recipes on our yoga retreats.

Savoury cashew cheese


Plant based yoga retreat food
Plant based yoga retreat food made by Bettina



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