Frequently Asked Questions

Are your retreats suitable for yoga beginners and people with no yoga experience? Our teachers offer flow classes which are suitable for all levels apart from complete beginners. We want you to have a great time on retreat, so it is advisable that you have tried yoga and know how to follow a flow class. Please contact us in advance if you have injuries, health conditions or questions about the yoga style.

What do I bring with me? A comprehensive packing list is included in your welcome pack which you receive 8 weeks before the yoga weekend. If you want to plan further in advance just ask us and we’ll send it to you.

I need to bring any yoga equipment? Yoga mats are usually provided but we find many guests prefer to bring their own mat, or a travel mat. Sometimes you will be asked to bring a belt and 2 block, depending on the teacher.

What is the group size? Our retreats are different sizes according to the location. Most retreats have between 14-20 guests. Tuscany is for 40 guests.

Are your retreats a detox? Can I drink alcohol? We don’t run detox retreats but we do not serve alcohol, refined sugar or caffeine on our retreats. We will serve you tasty and nutritious food and we will encourage you to embrace our healthy approach as it’s there to help you maximise the benefits of your healthy holiday. We are not a bootcamp though, so if you fancy a glass of wine or a coffee when you are out, that is fine with us. We just ask you to be moderate and to mindful of others who may be wanting a break from these things.

Smoking on retreat? We don’t expect you to give up smoking to come on our yoga retreats but recommend cutting down before you come and keeping your smoking to an absolute minimum while you are with us. We also ask you to be mindful of others on retreat in terms of where and when you smoke.