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Why You Need a Digital Detox and Yoga Holiday

jivamukti yoga teacher emma henry in nature forest of giant trees

Along with healthy eating, exercise and good sleep, modern healthy lifestyles now recognise the importance of regular digital detox and yoga as a cornerstone of wellness.

Switching off your devices can be a hard task though, if you’re attempting to do it in the same environment you’re used to typing and swiping in. Finding directions, checking train times, responding to emails, tapping to pay, online shopping, setting reminders—they all provide daily, even hourly, excuses to be on our phones—we even use apps for guided meditations!

Which is why digital detox and yoga holidays are increasingly popular ways to encourage a proper switch off and a break from technology. Removing yourself from distraction, schedule and routine is the perfect way to recharge yourself while you let your iPhone battery die!

jivamukti yoga teacher emma henry in nature forest of giant trees
That feeling when you finally unplug and look up from your phone!

The Benefits of a Digital Detox and Yoga Retreat

Combining your digital detox with a yoga retreat has so many benefits for your health, mind, and your yoga practice.

It is not uncommon for guests to feel agitated when they first hand over their phones or find they can’t get signal (and some try very hard!). But as soon as they plant their feet on the mat in their first yoga class, the asana, meditation and pranayama help their minds (and thumbs…!) settle and the yoga practice facilitates their digital detox journey.

Discover new and creative ways to learn different meditation techniques instead of just following an app. Enjoy yoga and massage treatments without being continually pulled from the blissful present thinking about the notifications waiting for you afterwards.

adam husler yoga retreat group yoga digital detox
Power up your yoga practice by switching off!

Open up your shoulders, uncurl your back and roll out your neck in class without immediately snapping back into ‘phone stance’ as soon as you walk out of the studio. Being on a retreat gifts you extra time to really feel that space and tension relief in your body.

Enjoy a dedicated yoga practice in a smartphone-free environment. This seemingly small detail really highlights the original meaning of yoga–unity. When you disconnect from WiFi you get the headspace and freedom from EMF to fully reconnect with your yoga practice, your environment, and yourself. It also really helps remind us of the yogi concept of non-attachment.

The goal of a digital detox retreat isn’t to never use your phone again. The aim is to return home with greater awareness of your device usage, a clearer mind, some renewed yoga inspiration and a heightened appreciation for the great outdoors as well.


Reclaim Your Self on a Digital Detox and Yoga Retreat!

17th century manor house set in fifty acres of luch private land
Our UK Digital Detox weekend location: 17th century manor house set in fifty acres of luch private land

We carefully research and select the most stunning, unusual and inspiring destinations for our retreats. If you’re in search of an excuse to switch off on your yoga holiday, then, we have you covered.

Our retreat locations provide the most incredible scenery and nature to make you forget all about your phone as soon as you look up from the screen. And with adventure activities, yoga classes with the best instructors in the industry and ultimate spa and relaxation opportunities awaiting, you certainly won’t miss the digital distraction.

In addition to our dedicated yoga and digital detox weekend retreats in the UK, you can also enjoy signal-free yoga holidays on our Mongolia retreat and Lapland tree house retreat.

Is it time you treated yourself to a digital detox? Check out our upcoming retreats to find the perfect excuse to switch off.

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