Digital detox retreats with yoga and meditation

While technology can bring plenty of benefits to our daily lives it can mean that we always “on”.  So how can we switch off? With emails on our smart phones, multiple social media accounts and the internet at our finger tips it can be difficult to switch off.

Our digital detoxes do just that.  We ask you to switch off your devices for a powerful dose of time off-line. A yoga retreat is a good place to take a proper break from technology. We will fill your break with yoga, good food, refreshing nature and downtime.

UK Digital Detoxes: Emma Henry teaches Jivamukti yoga and leads our UK yoga and digital detox weekends. You’ll stay in a 17th century manor house, hidden away in a traditional country village an hour north of London. On this yoga weekend we invite you to switch off your phones, leave your ipads and laptops behind and enjoy three days of peace and quiet in the countryside.

Mongolia Digital detox: There is no phone or internet reception at our Mongolia camps, only occasional solar power and the nearest town is three hours away. It is so quiet you can hear birds fly! You will be completely without contact with the outside world while you are on your yoga retreat.

Do you need a digital detox and meditation retreat?

Some questions for you:

  • Do your check you phone when you wake up? Before you go to sleep?
  • Do you check your phone during a conversation or at a meal table?
  • Do you check  your phone while walking down the street?
  • Do you take photos or film lots of things rather than be in the moment?

If you answered yes to any of these, a tech-free break would do you the world of good!

Some good resources:

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