Yoga retreats around the world

We offer the ultimate experience in yoga retreats in locations as far afield as Mongolia, Japan and Sri Lanka. Our yoga retreats combine the complete yoga experience with energising and relaxing activities, good food and inspiring surroundings together with top class yoga instructors.

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Yoga Retreat Locations:

Mongolia Yoga Retreats – We were the yoga retreat pioneers of Mongolia, taking our nomadic retreat into the Gobi and Khan Kentii wilderness and creating a completely unique Jivamukti yoga retreat there. Largely inaccessible to the Western world until recently, Mongolia offers a rare glimpse into an ancient culture and Mother Nature at her wildest in an environment that has seen little change for centuries.

Our Gobi location is magical and other worldly and our Khan Kentii camp is in a wilderness reaching all the way to the Russian/Siberian border and possibly one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. The ultimate wilderness yoga retreat and a digital detox too!

Japan Yoga Retreats – Our Japan yoga retreat is combines 5 days of peaceful off-the-beaten track nature in the magical season of “autumn leaves” and a weekend exploring the beautiful city of Kyoto. Along with Jivamukti yoga and the incredible scenery of an ancient pilgrims routes on the Kunisaki peninsula we experience onsen thermal hot springs, chado tea ceremonies, ikebana flower meditation. Then we zip into Kyoto on the Shinkansen bullet train to explore grand temples and visit the Arashiyama bamboo forest.