Yoga massage

To add to your yoga retreat experience we have our own massage therapists offering a range of expert treatments. We work with very experienced and qualified bodywork professionals who provide creative, healing treatments on most of our yoga retreats.  They also happen to be trained yoga teachers as well, so they are experts in understanding what could be going on for you during a retreat and how they can help support you.

Our massage therapists are very much part of the team and they work alongside the yoga teachers to make sure their treatments add to your retreat experience. An initial consultation serves to find out what your needs are so the therapist can create a personalised therapy treatment for you.


We always have enough sessions for everyone on the retreat to have at least one treatment, often more.  However, there are limits to how many many treatments we can offer each day as they need to fit in around our yoga retreat schedule.

You are welcome to book a treatment before you arrive on your retreat or once you have settled in and decided how to spend your days. You can pre book when we send your yoga retreat welcome pack 8 weeks before your retreat.

Here’s a list of the massages we offer on our retreats:

Amanda Tizard

With over 10,000 sessions and more than 15 years massage experience, Amanda is highly regarded within the wellbeing circles of London and Ibiza and listed by Conde Nast Traveller magazine as one of the top body fixers in the world. She uses advanced bodywork techniques that include Thai, deep-tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

She is also a master in Craniosacral Therapy and Transformational breath work and uses a combination of these techniques in every session, shifting your mental and emotional well- being and allowing you to drop down into your body in the process.

Amanda’s sessions are collaborative, intuitive, holistic and prescriptive. With a down to earth approach, Amanda responds to the unique needs of each individual client, and works with many issues ranging from aches and pains, long held tension, trauma, anxiety and insomnia.

A session with Amanda usually starts with bespoke deep tissue massage to release fascial tension and build rapport to allow sub-conscience dialoguing. Amanda then hones in on any energetic restrictions in order to give any tightness form, before being released. This enquiry allows clients to feel and heal, giving flow and vitality to the whole body.

She offers 60 minute sessions for £70 and 90 minute sessions for £100.

Our best yoga holidays for massage are…