Yoga food

Yoga food on retreats
Yoga food in Iceland created by Saba Rahbar

At Reclaim Your Self we are very passionate about serving delectable, creative, healthy food cooked with love, and we want to show you just how easy and fun cooking healthily can be. Our chefs are very much part of the team, so they will eat with guests and share their recipes. They provide advice on healthy eating plans and run cooking classes where possible.

We spend a lot of time carefully devising our menus, which are often inspired by local cooking styles, and always use the freshest, most seasonal local ingredients. We buy organic produce and support local farmers when we can, and import ingredients we need to make a dish work, such as gluten free flour.

Our yoga retreat menus are made up of nutrient dense foods that are gentle on the digestion. We are not about deprivation and we will fill you up with nourishing and flavoursome food that gives you energy and makes you happy. There are always plenty of options and you will be served with a selection of beautifully presented and absolutely delicious dishes at every meal. Read our full food ethos here.

Our best yoga holidays for foodies are…