Mongolia Yoga Retreat

Experience the untamed wilderness of Mongolia

18-27 July 2020

Teacher: Emma Henry

(15 customer reviews)


Join Emma Henry in Mongolia for a Jivamukti yoga retreat in one of the most remote places on earth. Explore the expansive Gobi desert with its huge skies, powerful sunsets and friendly camels and our second luxury yurt camp on the Upper Tuul River which meanders gently through the vast meadows of wildflowers, surrounded by lush forested hills.



Mongolia is our most remote global yoga retreat and takes place in two very different locations. You will be glamping in our luxury yurt camps in the East Gobi and the interior parts of Gorkhi Terelj National Park.

We travel to our first camp on the Trans Mongolian night train and spend 3 days there. With daily yoga, dawn hikes and camel treks,  our Gobi location is an other-worldly and unique retreat location. An afternoon and evening exploring an ancient Buddhist site deep in the desert, watching sunset from high rocks and a campfire dinner adds an extra adventure to your Gobi experience.

Then we head by jeep to for 4 nights at our second yoga retreat camp in the Khan Kentii, possibly one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Our days here are spent hiking or riding horses* in the wilderness with local herders, as well as rafting and kayaking on the river.

We travel with our own talented massage therapist, Elodie Frati, who will be offering sports massage to help with any aches and pains. Blissful time in our riverside yurt sauna is an experienced not to be missed. Once you have heated your body you can run outside and jump into the (very refreshing) river to cool down.  A top Mongolian revitalising experience!

Please read our blog about the Mongolia yoga retreats for more details on this “retreat of all retreats”.

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Yoga with Emma Henry

Senior Jivamukti yoga teacher Emma Henry will teach around 25 hours of yoga and meditation classes, with 2 yoga classes on most days.

Each Jivamukti class offers a dynamic asana practice that is infused with inspiring teachings derived from the ancient yogic texts. Classes will include chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.

Modifications and progressions are given so that everyone will find these yoga classes rewarding but this retreat is not suitable for complete beginners. We recommend that you have previous experience of a flow class and enjoy being challenged by a dynamic style of yoga. It is a yoga style that will require you to commit to your classes. Read more about Jivamukti yoga and try a free online class here.

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This could possibly be the ultimate yurt yoga retreat! We have two exclusive camps in wild, remote and completely peaceful locations. Our yoga retreat accommodation is in traditional Mongolian gers – known in the UK as yurts. We have space for a maximum of 18 guests in single and twin yurts.  We have one female share quad yurt available too.

The gers have wooden floors and are beautifully decorated in traditional nomadic style with hand-crafted furnishings. This is a luxury camp, expertly run by a Mongolian team and our yoga retreat will assist the conservation efforts in the area as it brings finances to the local economy and protection efforts.

There are eco toilets which are a short walk from the camp. There are two beautiful yurts for showers, and we have a rota to make sure everyone can get clean! Water for your showers is collected from a well or the nearby river, carried by camel and yak cart, heated on a fire and placed in an overhead bucket.

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Your retreat menu

Your meals will be created by our chef Bettina Campolucci Bordi and her expert local team.

You’ll be served a tasty plant-based, low sugar and low gluten menu with some ingredients foraged in the Gobi, hand picked berries from the Khan Kentii forests and nutrient packed tinctures.

If you would like to know more about our food ethos please click here.

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What's included

What’s included in your yoga retreat:

  • 1 day room in a 4 star hotel on 18th July in Ulan Bator
  • 1 night on the Trans Mongolian Railway into the Gobi
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in our Gobi camp
  • All your plant based meals, herbal teas and water at the camps
  • All your yoga and meditation classes
  • A dawn hike in the Gobi with local herdsmen
  • A desert camp excursion with meditation and camp fire dinner
  • Jeep transfers to our Khan Kentii wilderness camp
  • 4 nights’ accommodation in our Khan Kentii wilderness camp
  • A day hike in Khan Kentii with local herdsmen
  • Russian bus transfers from Khan Kentii to Ulan Bator
  • 1 night pre departure in a 4 star hotel on 26th July in Ulaan Bator
  • Airport transfers on arrival (18th July) and departure (27th July) if you arrive on pre-agreed flights

What’s extra:

  • Return flights to Ulan Bator
  • Lunches and dinner in Ulan Bator
  • Massages
  • Visas (if needed)
  • Local activities: Horse riding, camel treks, sauna,  kayaking and rafting

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Travel to Mongolia

Getting there from UK (mail us if you’d like advice on travel options from another location)

Travel: Travelling to Mongolia is not as hard as you might think!  There are limited options; the most common and quickest routes from UK are via Russia, Turkey, Hong Kong or China.

Flights: You can fly with Aeroflot to Ulaan Bator via Moscow in around 13 hours. This is our recommended route are our complimentary airport transfers match these flights.

You can also fly with Turkish airlines to Ulaan Bator via Istanbul.  This route is also easy but they do add an extra stop in Bishkek, which makes your flight time a little longer.

The other option is to fly London to Beijing or Hong Kong and get a connecting flight from there.  You can fly direct to Beijing or Hong Kong with several airlines including Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Air China (around 12 hours prices start at £900).

You can then fly with Mongolian Airlines or Air China to Ulaan Bator (two and a half hours prices start at £450 return).

Transfers: Return airport and camp transfers are included in your package. We will depart Ulaan Bator together on the Trans Mongolian Railway at 8pm on 18th July.

You will return to Ulaan Bator around 3pm on 26th July.  You can fly back from 27th July.

Visas: Most nationalities need to get a visa in advance before travelling to Mongolia. Please check the Embassy of Mongolia for details of this.  If you are in UK here is the link.  You must apply for the visa in person at the Embassy.  It costs £40 and takes 2-3 days.  You can pay £60 for a one day service. You will need:

  • Passport with a validity date at least 6 months beyond the end of your intended period of stay in Mongolia
  • Completed visa Application Form for Tourists with one passport size photo
  • Your travel itinerary, hotel reservation and insurance
  • A letter of invitation which will organise for you

If you are planning to go via China and you are staying within the airport for up to 24 hours you don’t need a visa.

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15 reviews for Mongolia Yoga Retreat

  1. Julie & Grace

    To anyone wavering about visiting Mongolia, get your names down while you can, it is such an amazing place. The endless skies and awesome landscapes are totally inspiring – as is the sense of quiet, space and freedom which affected us all.

    This was such a special trip. As ever, courageously and thoughtfully put together and attentively overseen by Jools. This time supported by her amazing team of Emma, Bettina and Elodie and a cast of beautiful spirited locals. Further assisted by very large yaks, camels, wild horses and their stylish horse whisperers or a fleet of jeeps.

    This was much more than a great yoga holiday with a great teacher, it was a real adventure. Whether camel riding or hiking across ethereal Gobi landscapes, leaping over swollen rivers or riding through fluorescent meadows of wildflowers, whether enjoying hot saunas, fab massages or lovingly prepared food – we felt blessed. Not least because we were sleeping in cosy yurts beneath the stars, but because we were miles away from digital distraction, this felt like a proper retreat.

    Just wonderful. You deserve it too. Just go!

  2. Fab & Vicki

    Not sure where to start … The experience has been so transformative that our hearts are still in our Mongolian camp 10 days after being back in London. Jools, Emma and Bettina are the Holy Trinity of retreats – each one striving and achieving being the best in their field. They were the glue that held all our wonderful experiences firmly together and gave us the opportunity to relax and be adventurous. That said, Mongolia is just the most beautiful country with the most wonderful, hospitable and inspiring people. We felt so privileged to be able to meet them and get to experience a less wasteful and gentler way of living. The scenery is remote and other-worldly – this combined with digital detox, Bettina’s incredible vegan menu and Emma’s daily enlightening classes were a gift which we will cherish forever. Thank you Jools for taking the less travelled path to offer us this opportunity.

  3. Brenna

    This was an unforgettable experience had with incredible people. Jools, Emma, Bettina and Elodie took great care supporting us in Mongolia, while making us feel welcome and connected. I traveled to Mongolia alone but didn’t feel lonely at all on this trip and it’s credit to the wonderful people who put heart and soul organizing it. This country and the people in it are beautiful and so wonderful. I highly recommend it to all who love a good adventure and yoga! I learned so much.

  4. Catherine

    A well organised retreat in an incredible location. The unique accommodation was a wonderful accompaniment to the superb vegan food and strong and challenging yoga classes. I felt I learned a lot in Emma’s yoga classes, and really enjoyed the retreat as a chance to conversely grow and relax. Highly recommended!

  5. laurence vanzeveren

    Thanks Jools, Emma, Bettina, Rob for this wonderful experience and taking such good care of us !!! 🙂 One of a lifetime journey that I highly recommand to any openminded traveller seeking for new sensations, serenity and well-being!
    Not only the landscapes were outstanding but what an amazing human experience, so enriching!
    Look forward to attending some other retreats soon 🙂

  6. Sharon

    I cannot describe Mongolia better by saying it’s the most incredible visual poem. The skies, the colours, the swift change of weather, the fog circling around our yurts in the morning, the open space, the feeling of going back to what life’s about, the people. I can go on and on. All this combined with the most professional, heart warming, funny, gifted team you can wish for. Jools, Emma, Bettina, Rob and the Mongolian crew make you feel at home at the other end of the world. If you’re looking for the retreat of all retreats this is it: strong and sweet yoga classes with one of the abdolute best Jivamukti teachers on earth, works of art on your plate to eat, heavenly massages and spending time with a global satsang of radiating fellow travellers. Go, see, experience and enjoy the Mongolian silence! Just do it!

  7. Elodie

    Such a wonderful adventure. It is camping like you have not seen before… We’re not talking Glamping here.
    We’re talking an actual bed, sinks, hot showers prepared by lovely people, stoves lit in the morning so that you wake up toasty.
    Your eyes are constantly being nourished with incredible views and open space. The yoga is still some of the best to be had.
    What makes this truly special is the people. From the organiser, to the teacher, to the chef, to the local team… every single one of them is one of the best in their field, and cares deeply for their guests / students, is genuinely interested in the world and people around them. A true ‘switch out and dive in’.

  8. Beverly

    Practicing beautiful Jivamukti yoga with the environment of being in the soul of the Gobi Desert and the alpine haven of Khan Khentii symbiotically transcended the experience of this retreat – I positively and fully embrace!

    – Jools is a pioneer – it takes an amazing being to bring such a retreat to Mongolia, and she continues to realize her vision for the rest of us to experience.

    – I loved every moment of Emma’s teaching – from the meditation, chanting, understanding wisdom from yoga sanskrit teachings, to the yoga practice…

    – Having Chef Bettina who prepared three delicious vegan meals for us a day was pure luxury and genius to execute while being in the wilderness.

    – The Mongolian teams are beautiful beings and touched my heart. The contrast of both the Gobi Desert and Khan Khentii was a true gift to experience.

    Overall, a retreat unlike any other that I would highly recommend!
    (Please note – a sense of adventure and openness to embrace aspects of camping and being out in nature is helpful)

    Sincere and heartfelt thanks for a retreat-of-a-lifetime.

  9. Anna Chaves

    The location was beautiful. I loved the range of activities offered during the day- horse riding, hikes, sauna, massage, etc. The yoga classes were a good balance of dynamic in the morning and more restorative in the evening (which was great after a full day of activities). The food was excellent quality and menu was well-thought out for each days activity. The group dynamics were very good and everybody was very friendly and open. The retreat was well-planned and organised and I felt taken care of the whole time! Well done to Jools, Emma, Bettina and the whole Mongolian team. A very special experience. I definitely recommend this retreat.

  10. Louise

    I had the most incredible time in Mongolia. It’s an incredibly beautiful place and Jools and the team have nailed the details. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  11. Jenny

    This was such an incredible retreat full of adventure and amazing yoga with Emma. Jools was absolutely wonderful and looked after us all so well. The food was out of this world as was everything else.

    I couldn’t recommend this retreat more highly.

  12. Ella

    If you are looking for something unique, wild and truly adventurous and a challenge in both yoga and terrain, then I highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience.

  13. Caroline Smith

    The yoga with Emma was outstanding. The food nourishing and the perfect support for the yoga. And there are not enough superlatives to describe Mongolia.

    What Jools and her team have created here is pure magic and something I will hold in my heart forever.


  14. Francesca King

    Wow! What an incredible 10 days – I loved this adventure, it truly exceeded my expectations. Experiencing the Gobi and Khan Kentii made me appreciate the vastness, difference and awesomeness of Mongolia.

    Jools is a fabulous host. I was a little anxious that the yoga experience would be dogmatic but Emma was delightful and really playful with it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and my body feels so strong and in great shape. I loved getting to know the group and it felt like I have been away for months – testimony to the effectiveness of what you curated. A whole hearted thanks.

  15. Clare

    This was the most incredible experience – a breathtaking location, delicious & healthy food and truly enlightening yoga. Thank you Jools, Emma and Emma. I can’t recommend this enough – the retreat of a lifetime.

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A once in a lifetime journey that I highly recommend to any openminded traveller seeking a remote adventure and true serenity. Not only were the landscapes outstanding but what an amazing human experience, so enriching!

- Laurence, August 2017