Tuscany Yoga Retreat

19-25 August 2018

Teacher: Emma Henry & Adam Husler


Join our yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy where leading London teachers Emma Henry and Adam Husler will be joining forces to offer you an epic week of flow yoga classes, workshops and relaxation sessions to challenge and inspire you. Expert yoga retreat chef Saba Rahbar has created a week of high vitality and nourishment with her healthy menus.



Your Tuscany yoga retreat with Emma Henry and Adam Husler takes place on a huge private estate on a terraced hillside with olive groves, woodland with views of the Pizzorne mountains. This is a wonderfully picturesque place for your yoga retreat near Ponte a Moriano, a small Italian town in the Tuscan hills close to the medieval walled city of Lucca. We have the run of the estate, including four luxury villas, three swimming pools, beautiful private gardens and two yoga studios.

Emma and Adam will work closely together offering you a combination of flow classes, workshops and relaxation sessions. Each morning the whole group will be offered a dynamic practice with either Emma or Adam and some mornings will combine both teachers together.

In the afternoons you can choose a focused workshop and explore your practice in more depth, work on anatomical alignment or turn up the volume and experience an advanced class. Or if you need to chill, skip the workshop and relax and renew with a yin or restorative class instead.

There is time to explore beautiful Tuscany midweek on your day off. Trips to the historical city of Lucca, Florence or Italian riveria are easily arranged from our location.

This is a big retreat with 45 guests. We have a lot of fun with such a big group but there is plenty of space on the estate for you to find a quiet spot if you want some alone time. Our experienced team have an expertly crafted plan in place to make sure everyone receives plenty of care and attention. Morning classes are open to the whole group.  We offer a maximum of 20 places for the afternoon in-depth workshops but unlimited places for the relaxation, yin and meditation sessions. We operate a sign up system and we may ask some people to swap around at times to be sure everyone’s needs are met.

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Your yoga retreat programme: The whole group will practice yoga together each morning for 2.5 hours. Classes will be led alternately by Emma or Adam. Morning classes will be an invigorating flow, so be prepared to be challenged. Enjoy Emma’s distinctive, hypnotic melodic tone of voice which helps make challenging transitions easeful. Adam’s love of anatomy and creative sequencing makes his alignment based vinyasa classes the perfect complimentOn some days Emma and Adam will teach together.

Afternoon yoga:  In the afternoon two classes will run at the same time so you can work in smaller groups with your teachers. You can choose from a 2 hour workshop with specific focus where you can develop your practice, enhance your knowledge or take on a more advanced sequence, or you can relax and renew with a 75 minute yin or restorative practice.

Emma Henry teaches Jivamukti yoga. Classes will include chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.

Adam Husler’s creatively sequenced yoga classes feature long holds, controlled yet dynamic movements, intelligent alignment and deep exploration of depth in postures. Each class features a new sequence with a particular anatomical focus, so prepare to be kept on your toes and you explore mobility, flexibility and strength. Adam seeks to remind all that an asana practice is a very subjective experience, so whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga newbie prepare to work hard as classes contain plenty of options to challenge all.

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Exploring Tuscany

Exploring Tuscany: Mid week we have a day off so you can relax, rest or head out to explore beautiful Tuscany.

Lucca: The historical town of Lucca is fifteen minutes away by train, making it an easy day trip from the villa.  Lucca has an unspoilt medieval centre which is totally enclosed by walls. It has barred all general traffic from driving within the city walls and the locals tend to cycle everywhere. There are many places to hire bicycles, both by the city walls and within the centre.

Once inside the city there are many historical buildings, some dating back to the 8th century. All around these buildings there is a maze of little winding streets which disappear into alleys, lead down to vaults or suddenly open up into a sunny square filled with bars and cafes.

Beach trip:  Viareggio is about 40 minutes away. It is one of the best beaches in Tuscany so it will be busy and fun. You can book into one of the private beach clubs for around 25 Euro per person which includes a sunbed, shade and swimming pool.

Florence: Florence is about two hours away and we can arrange a shared taxi or advise you on trains.  Filled with world-class art, Florence is a magnetic, romantic and busy city and a must see destination.

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We have four gorgeous villas set on a huge private estate giving you a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets.

The grand villa has ten luxury bedrooms for those who wish to treat themselves to a super sumptuous experience. Our spacious and beautiful Tuscan villa has eight luxury ensuite bedrooms and private gardens.

The secluded Gatehouse villa is nestled in quiet corner of the estate, near to one of our swimming pools. The villa has five beautiful, bright rooms which share three bathrooms. Our Lemon Grove villa offers the quintessential Tuscan experience in a stunning self contained villa covered with honeysuckle, with sprawling terraces and its own pool. This villa has 2 private ensuite rooms and 3 twin rooms.

Here is a list of room options and prices:

  • £1495 Private room w/ensuite (Grand & Lemon Grove villas)
  • £1395 Private room w/ensuite (Tuscan villa)
  • £1395 Private room (Grand villa)
  • £1295 Private room (Gatehouse villa)
  • £1295 Twin/double room w/ensuite (All villas)
  • £1195 Twin/double room (Grand & Lemon Grove villas)
  • £995 Twin/double room (Gatehouse villa)
  • £895 Shared room 4 people w/ensuite (Grand & Tuscan villas)

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Healthy menus

Food on your yoga retreat: During your yoga retreat you’ll be served a delicious, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner every day prepared by our expert retreat chef.

Our menus are designed to support your yoga practice, so you can expect tasty plant-based meals. Our food is sourced from local farmers and some of it is grown on the estate. You can read more about plant based food in our FAQ section. 

You’ll have plenty of herbal teas, infusions and drinking water, and it’s a great idea to power down by having less caffeine while you are with us. We don’t serve caffeine or alcohol but there are local cafes and bars nearby.


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What's included

What’s included in your yoga retreat:

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • All your meals and soft drinks (apart from your mid week day off)
  • A daily 2.5 hour morning class with Emma and/or Adam
  • Evening yoga workshops or yin yoga classes (apart from mid week on your day off)
  • Lots of time for relaxing in the beautiful gardens and poolside
  • What’s extra:
  • Flights and transfers
  • Lunch and dinner on your day off
  • Massages

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Getting to your Tuscany yoga holiday from UK (mail us if you’d like advice on travel options from another location):

The nearest airport is Pisa and you can fly direct from UK with British Airways, Easyjet and RyanAir. Fares will be around £200. We advise that you book early to avoid higher fares.

Transfers from the airport

Catch a train

You can catch the train from Pisa Centrale to Ponte a Moriano. The journey takes around an hour and costs around 5.20 Euros one way. You’ll need to change at Lucca. You can check out trains here: www.trenitalia.com.   From Ponte a Moriano the villa is less than ten minutes walk.

Minibus pick up

You can join our minibus pick up which will depart Pisa airport for 30 Euros per person one way. We will also have a return minibus departing at 10am on your final day.

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Payment options

All prices are per person. If your booking is made 10 or more weeks in advance of the departure date, a deposit payment of 50% of the room cost is required to secure a place AND your room choice.

Alternatively, 20% can be paid to secure a place and request a room choice.  Your room will be allocated when you make your balance payment.

Where a deposit has been paid, a final request will be sent to you approximately 12 weeks before your departure date and payment of the balance of the price of the holiday will become due 10 weeks prior to your departure date. 

If you prefer to spread the cost, monthly payment plans can be arranged for most holidays. The final payment is due no later than 10 weeks prior to your departure date. 

For bookings made within 10 weeks of the date of departure, the full payment is required. 

If the balance of the price of your holiday is not paid in time or you do not make your monthly payments as agreed, we reserve the right to cancel your place, retain your payments and apply the Cancellation Charge set out in our booking terms.

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Is this retreat suitable for beginners or someone with no yoga experience? This retreat is for anyone who loves yoga and is looking for an active, fun filled healthy week. We recommend you have some knowledge of vinyasa and previous experience of a Jivamukti or a flow class and that you enjoy being challenged by a dynamic style of yoga.

What are the class sizes? We are delighted to invite 40 guests to our Tuscany yoga retreat. We have carefully crafted a programme to make sure that everyone feels looked after and gets the attention they need. Morning classes will be for the whole group and one teacher will teach and the other assist. In the afternoon you’ll work in split groups so you’ll get plenty of attention!

What do I bring with me? A comprehensive packing list is included in your welcome pack which you receive 8 weeks before departure. If you want to plan further in advance just ask us and we’ll send it to you.

I need to bring any yoga equipment? We have yoga mats but we recommend you bring your own or a travel mat/towel to go on top of our mats. Please bring 2 blocks and a belt.

If you are looking for a recommendation and want to invest in a good quality yoga mat, we like the Liforme travel mat.  You can get a 10% discount using the code emmahenry25.

Is there wifi at the villa?  The wifi is very patchy and not hugely reliable but there is a place in town where you can get onto wifi.

What is plant-based food and why do you serve it? Plant-based foods include fresh vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, beans and legumes. It does not include meat or dairy products. There is a focus on using minimally processed foods, keeping as close to the foods’ natural form as possible. In keeping with this ethos we also avoid using gluten or refined sugar and focus on using natural sugars. 

We like to ensure that the food is organic and locally sourced, which means you get the freshest and most nutritiously dense food on your plate.  Our aim is to serve you the best quality food that fills you with goodness and fuels your yoga practice and healthy holiday activities. The food we serve is non-challenging to the digestive system, enabling you to maximise the benefits of your retreat.  Plant-based food works very well with yoga and we are proud of creating healthy, well-balanced meals that make you feel fantastic.

Is this retreat a detox? Can I drink alcohol? This retreat is not a detox although it is an alcohol and caffeine free location. We will serve you tasty and nutritious food and we will encourage you to embrace our healthy approach as it’s there to help you maximise the benefits of your healthy week. We can adjust menus to suit dietary needs and we are not a bootcamp! We do encourage you to talk to us and let us know what you need as we want to be sure you feel well fed and happy. Plenty of drinking water, infusions and herbal teas will always be available. However we are near a lovely town and you have time out and about so if you feel like the odd glass of wine or a treat it’s fine with us.

Smoking on retreat? We don’t expect you to give up smoking to come on one of our yoga retreats or holidays but recommend cutting down before you come and keeping your smoking to an absolute minimum while you are with us. We do expect that you will be mindful of others who do not smoke, and you will need to travel away from the non-smoking areas of our villa and grounds.

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One of the best holidays I ever had - yoga, great location, healthy food, the culture in Lucca and a lovely group of people to share it with. Thank you so much..

- Brigitta, 2016