Iceland Digital Detox

A tech free break in a remote wilderness

3-8 October 2020

Teacher: Antonia Reed-Felstead

(15 customer reviews)

We are delighted to bring you a digital detox and yoga retreat in north Iceland. Our remote mountain location is the perfect place for replacing endless mindless scrolling with a mindful connection with nature and the great outdoors. With daily options to hike, ride and watch whales, the retreat also includes a day exploring the geothermal wilderness of Lake Mývatn, a sunset soak in hot pools and the magical Northern Lights.




Your Iceland retreat combines daily digital detox sessions and Vinyasa flow yoga classes with Antonia Reed-Felstead and options to hike and ride Icelandic horses or watch whales in the majestic fjords. Some of our activities are included in your package and others are optional so that you can create your own schedule and take time to chill when you need to.

October is an ideal time to watch the Northern Lights and our secluded location with no light pollution means that if they happen, we’ll have a fantastic show! Our private farm includes luxury cabins that look out onto the mountains, a traditional farmhouse, yoga barn, bath house, sauna and outdoor hot tub.

A trip to this part of Iceland would not be complete without a day out at the world famous Lake Mývatn geothermal region, where all that makes Iceland so unique can be experienced within a few hours, from powerful waterfalls, volcanoes, geothermal activity and a sunset soak in a nature spa.

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Digital Detoxing & Yoga

Our digital detox retreat offers a comprehensive and tailored programme to help you explore and manage your relationship with tech.

Before your retreat we will send you a short survey to find out what specific issues you’d like to focus on. At the beginning of the retreat we will have a ritual ‘handing-in’ of phones, tablets, laptops, kindles, game consoles and any digital device with a screen. We’ll keep all your gadgets safe for you until it’s time to leave.

Each day you will have a digital detox session with Tanya, where you will:

  • Learn about the nature of addictive technology and the negative impacts of screen overuse.
  • Clarify why you’re finding it difficult to change your own unwanted habits around tech.
  • Establish why you want to change your relationships with screens and how your quality of life will improve as a result.
  • Have a chance to reflect on how your habits have emerged unconsciously and decide what you want your relationship with tech to look like in the future.
  • Understand impulse control and urges to mindlessly scroll.
  • Come away with a bespoke plan of action designed to ensure lasting behavioural change and with balanced tech habits that leave you feeling healthier and happier.
  • Leave feeling motivated, inspired and empowered

Once you get home we will send you another short survey to check in on your plans.

Your retreat also includes 10 hours of yoga classes with Antonia in our beautiful yoga studio with mountain views. Morning classes will be 1.5 hours of invigorating vinyasa flow and evening sessions will be 75 minutes of slow flow and relaxation to help to reset after a busy out in the wilderness.

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We have 8 beautiful, luxurious cabins located at the edge of our farm with mountain views. Peaceful and secluded, these cabins are very special – cosy and warm with big windows so you can feel really immersed in the wild nature all around you. Each cabin has an upper loft with a double bed and a lower floor with a queen bed, lounge area and bathroom.

We are also able to offer more budget accommodation options in our farmhouse where we have 2 twin rooms and 2 private rooms. Bathrooms are shared between 3 people. Our farmhouse is also where the kitchen is located so you’ll here some noise from there between 7.30am and 9.30pm. If you are seeking peace and solitude please choose a cabin.

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Your retreat menu

You’ll be served a plant-based, low gluten menu of tasty and hearty meals, including dishes made with locally sourced wild herbs and nutrient dense berries. Meals will be filling and comforting to sustain you during the cold weather and the many activities during this retreat.

If you would like to know more about our food ethos please click here.

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What's included

What’s included in your yoga holiday:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Return transfers from Akureyri airport
  • 15 hours of digital detox, yoga and meditation sessions
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and herbals teas
  • A day out exploring the geothermal wilderness of Myvatn
  • Unlimited use of the sauna and hot tub

What’s extra:

  • Flights to Akureyri
  • Spa entry costs in Myvatn (3000 ISK )
  • Hike guide fees (3 hours valley hike 8,000 ISK, 6 hours mountain hike 15,000 ISK)
  • Icelandic horse riding (2 hours ride 10,000 ISK)
  • Whale watching (3 hours 9,900 ISK)

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Travel to Iceland

Travel to your Iceland Yoga Retreat from UK (mail us if you’d like advice on travel options from another location)

Flights to Iceland: The nearest airport is Akureyri.  You can fly with Iceland Air, BA, Wizz Air and Easyjet from London to Keflavik international airport and then transfer to the domestic airport for a short flight north to Akureyri. We will send all the details when you book.

Airport transfers from Akureyri are included in your retreat. We will send pick up and drop times when you you book.

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15 reviews for Iceland Digital Detox

  1. Jemima

    What an incredible experience, better than I could have imagined or hoped for. Iceland was a fantastic location, and every detail had been carefully thought through by Jools, Emma and the team.

    The yoga sessions were excellent and with a view of the mountains, what more could you ask for?

    In addition to the place itself the extra activities, hike, horse back riding and whale watching were all good fun – it was a truly magical experience and I look forward to another retreat in 2019.

  2. Daisy

    What a magical line up; it all came together beautifully and was so lucky to share the experience with my mum. Iceland is an incredible place – I really was blown away. Waking up to mountains every morning was certainly something I could get used to, not to mention the wonderful vegan food (as a vegetarian this was something I welcomed with open arms) and fantastic excursions – the horse riding was a particular highlight for me.

    I am relatively new to yoga and had only really ever practiced after work in my office with a small group of residents from the building, usually with crumbs scattered across the uneven, creaking floor. Little did I know what yoga could be like – what an eye opener. I was so impressed – what a great atmosphere to get truly stuck into it, overlooking the mountains and with Emma, and a whole group of supportive staff, looking out for you from start to finish. What a difference that makes.

    I now feel inspired to continue my yoga journey and will definitely be planning my next retreat in another one of Reclaim Your Self’s extraordinary locations.

    Thank you to all the organisers for making it such a success!

  3. Kate Munro

    We arrived in the dark in a snow storm and woke in a beautiful snowy valley – a truly magical setting for our week of yoga and adventure.
    Emma’s yoga teachings were fantastic; the perfect blend of the spiritual and the physical. I opted to do all the excursions and loved venturing to the wild outdoors every day, especially the Icelandic horse riding and the whale watching. Jools and her team made sure everything worked and everyone was happy. The lodges were super cosy and warm! Definitely much more than a yoga retreat and absolutely owning the hashtag #yogainextraordinaryplaces
    Thank you!!

  4. Anna

    It was ‘other’ in the best possible sense, from start to finish…. unlike any other retreat I have been on. The setting, the things we saw and did. (Northern Lights, whales, the fumarole-facial-steam – surely only a matter of time before someone trademarks that… ) And the yoga, which encompassed just the right mix of the challenging and the grounding, the uplifting and the nurturing.

  5. Fiona Colegrave

    My first retreat and I LOVED it. Iceland was magical and I was thrilled to have yoga as a key part of the experience. The accommodation was marvellous – beautifully simple with a scandi design that made me envy such clarity. Hiking, food, yoga, northern lights and lovely people. What more could we have wanted.

  6. Zoë Allen

    This was my first retreat with Reclaim Yourself and I’m already planning my next! Such a wonderful experience for so many reasons. Jools and her team were there to help in every way and were most definitely part of the group dynamic. Emma Henry is a fantastic and inspiring yoga teacher who will really challenge you. The other retreatees were some of the loveliest people I could choose to spend my holiday with and I made some good friends. I chose the Iceland retreat because I wanted an action-packed holiday and that’s what I got, but the trips are optional and there’s plenty of opportunities for relaxing. The location is perfect, and one of the reasons this company appeals so much to me is because you go to places where most others don’t venture. The vegan food was very good, especially the sweet snacks!!

  7. Angela

    The organization was amazing, they thought and took care of everything. The yoga was beautiful, a deep inspiration. Emma is a very sweet, great Teacher. The vegan food was delicious and the excursions very nice. Exceptional moments like when we saw the whales and bathed in a magical place. After this retreat I felt in great shape and completely happy.

  8. Francine

    There is something very special about Reclaim Your Self. It is in the details and how smoothly the whole organisation is run. Also the choice of the location, the food and the team that run it. I have only positive memories about my trip in Iceland and it was just as good in Tuscany last year. Well done Jools, Emma and the lovely chefs.

  9. Sally

    To quote a fellow guest on this years Iceland trip, it was the mother of all retreats. I can’t recommend it more highly. The team were fantastically professional and friendly, the yoga was sublime and the snap shot of Iceland we were treated to as part of the trip was truly otherworldly.

  10. Caroline

    Incredible experience from start to finish. The venue is one of the most stunning locations I have ever seen and the sight of the Northern Lights over our heads was an exceptional treat. Jool’s team of chefs has opened my eyes to tasty filling nutritious mouth-watering vegan food all cooked on site. The excursions had me giddy with excitement and the fun of travelling around in a minivan with a group of new friends all laughing and enjoying the days made the jaw-dropping scenery of Iceland more enjoyable that I thought possible. The yoga was challenging – exactly what I wanted – and Emma is an excellent teacher who I would rate as one of the best out there.
    Jools and her team put together an amazing package with just the right amount of everything and I cannot recommend them enough. The only reason I am not going back to Iceland with them next year is I’m going to Japan with Reclaim instead.

  11. Lynn

    Where does one even begin to talk about how great this retreat was…the facilities were clean, comfortable and warm. The location was breathtaking. We were able to see the panorama of the mountain and sheep while practicing yoga. The yoga classes offered individual attention and for all levels. The optional day trips were very nice. Everything was well organized…I really enjoyed the fun group, as well!!!

  12. Jools

    This trip was exceptional. I found Emma to be an inspirational teacher, plus we had the added bonus of the class being set in a studio that overlooked a spectacular mountain range. Our cabins were clean, cosy and very comfortable. The food was tasty, nutritious and in perfect balance with the yoga and surroundings. We had a full and interesting itinerary, which enabled us to explore different parts of the Icelandic wilderness. I returned home feeling rejuvenated and re-connected to the natural world. It was a memorable experience and I will definitely be returning. Loved it!

  13. Catherine

    A wonderful experience – Emma is a great teacher, the facilities were comfortable and relaxing and the location is beautiful. The yoga classes were targeted at mixed ability and had a focus on development and having fun. Outside of yoga, there was the perfect mix of optional day trips or chilling time. Jools and her team organised everything perfectly, including day trips to see interesting sights, northern lights and whales.

  14. Tracy

    Visiting Iceland with Reclaim Yourself was a fabulous experience. Jools, teacher Emma and the whole team are caring, attentive and their experience in running retreats is evident. I loved all aspects of the retreat, the location, the yoga and the healthy food. A perfect balance of yoga and adventure in a wild and remote corner of the world. And as this was my second retreat with Reclaim Yourself (first was to Mongolia!) I highly recommend going to Iceland. You will come away feeling happy, healthy and full of wonder.

  15. Ruth Rosselson

    My week in Iceland with Reclaim Yourself in October 2016 was simply amazing. The combination of intensive yoga classes, nourishing food and magical scenery made for the most awesome and unique holiday. To top it off, we got to see the Northern Lights, which was the icing on the cake. I’d highly recommend Iceland as a destination, and Reclaim Yourself as the hosts to give you the best, most unique experience.

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