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Yoga Friends: Why You’ll Find Your BFF On A Yoga Retreat

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Satsang, from Sanskrit, meaning to associate with true people, or to be in the company of true people. A like-minded group of people who engage in spiritual dialogue.

Satsang – Meet Friends with Common Goals

When you book yourself onto a yoga retreat, your list of expectations for the experience might not include making new friends. Yoga retreats, though, are the perfect setting in which to make new friendships and enrich existing ones.

Yoga retreats have a magical way of forming a special kind of family united by a super strong bond. We like to believe it is because Reclaim your Self unites like-minded souls into one place and the yogic phenomenon of ‘satsang’ blooms as a result. And you don’t have to be overtly ‘spiritual’ to experience it for yourself – it exists in our team’s and our guests’ shared love of yoga and desire to discover the uncharted wonder of the world we live in.

When Jools Sampson created Reclaim Your Self she wanted to create a yoga retreat community. Jools set out to build an empowering and inspiring space for people to share skills and wisdom, whether they be guests, team or our local hosts. And she is still growing this vision fifteen years, and hundreds of friendships, later!

Jools says: ‘I’ve kept the team small and our vision strong. Everyone on the team is following their dreams, sharing their expertise and best ideas. We enjoy being part of everything that happens on a retreat and we put our hearts into everything we do. It’s a team effort every step of the way.’

This personal passion and dedication to the yogic concept of satsang therefore runs through the core of Reclaim Your Self to form a huge part of what makes the experience such an interpersonal one.

Find Belonging with Yoga Friends

yoga retreat friends climbing snowy mountain team work
Conquering the challenge of this snowy mountain on the power of team work!

Heading off on a luxury pool holiday to drink cocktails with your friends is one thing, but taking on the life-changing adventure of a yoga retreat together is another experience entirely. It is one that is sure to strengthen and grow your friendship more than you could imagine. It is also a beautiful space in which to develop new friendships on a solid foundation of trust and vulnerability.

Many of our guests book their retreat as solo travellers. The beauty of the retreat format means that you can reap all of the adventurous, self-discovering benefits of solo travel, but in a less threatening and safe way. Because so many guests arrive by themselves, the energy of the groups is one of complete openness and a non-judgemental acceptance of each other that dissolves any preconceived hierarchy.

In remote locations, and often without phone connection, you are gifted time to truly get to know one another, share stories, and develop a group bond. You will watch each other open up, support and encourage one another through physical and mental challenges, sit in daily meditation together and experience the indescribable wonder of new travel destinations as a team.

remote adventure yoga retreat friendships
Caroline and Catherine with their new yoga family on retreat in Iceland.

The friendships formed on Reclaim Your Self retreats have proven to be enduring. In fact, we have guests who first met on retreat now returning year after year together. One pair of new friends is even running a half marathon back in their home city together:

‘Who knew Iceland 2017 would lead to this, Catherine and I are running a half marathon together in 10 days. Most amazing part of your retreats, the friends you make along the way.’’

Caroline Hands, Friend of Catherine, Iceland Yoga Retreat 2017

Whether you come on retreat with your childhood best friend or you arrive by yourself, you are sure to go home with solidified friendships and brand new ones built on a foundation of shared adventure.

Book your yoga retreat and get ready to meet your new yoga friends!

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