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Yoga Retreat Food: Bettina’s Best Plant Based Recipes

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Food is a pivotal part of the Reclaim Your Self retreat experience, and we spoil you when it comes to meal times on retreat.

Our plant based chef, Bettina Campolucci Bordi, has cooked with us for 4 years and shares our values when it comes to plant based food, sustainability, and eating locally.

Endorsed by Jamie Oliver, with a best selling plant based, gluten free cookbook, Happy Food, and her own retreat chef academy, you can trust that Bettina will feed you filling, healthy and tasty meals—and she makes vegan food exciting! Bettina joins us on retreat in Mongolia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Tuscany, Azores to bring you a menu of simple healthy recipes that will power you through your days on retreat.

For a flavour of what to expect from the culinary offering on retreat—and some perfect-for-winter vegan meal ideas—check out Bettina’s best plant based recipes below!

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats with Homemade Granola Crunch

As if thrilling adventure, total relaxation and yoga with the experts weren’t already worth waking up for, Bettina’s breakfasts offer another highlight to your mornings on holiday.

This classically Bettina-style twist on porridge proves that you can still enjoy a satisfying sweet treat while healthy eating.


Comforting Vegan Bean Soup

Filled with rich flavours of the mediterranean and influenced by her Bulgarian upbringing, Bettina’s vegan bean soup is a favourite style of dish on retreat, particularly in our snowier locations such as Svalbard and Iceland.

The heartiness of the beans and their high protein and fibre content means you won’t miss meat one bit. This recipe is beautiful on a cold evening—batch cook at the weekend so it’s on hand ready for when you arrive home in need of warmth!


Korean Pancake With Sliced Roots & Chilli Sweet & Sour Tamari

Inspired by her travels around Asia, Bettina created this masterpiece of a dish. This Korean Pancake recipe is vegan and gluten free and makes a lovely savoury breakfast or an impressive dish at a dinner party.

Take your time over this one, eat mindfully in company, and really savour every bite!


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