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Vinyasa Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

Hiking in Sri Lanka

We went to Sri Lanka for a vinyasa yoga retreat and we loved it! We lured our teacher Adam Husler away from his London yoga classes and escaped the gloomy European winter to enjoy a hot, sunny week practicing yoga and meditation and having lots of fun too!

Guests arrived on their retreat in style, landing on a nearby lake in a seaplane and then we whisked them to the retreat in a fleet of tuk tuks. We spent our days learning about the benefits of yoga and meditation with around 4 hours of daily vinyasa classes. In between we drank coconuts, went paddle boarding, kayaking and relaxed by the pool.

Tea plantations and waterfalls

We visited a beautiful tea plantation up in the hills with fantastic views and splashed around in a big waterfall. Guests found their inner child zooming down the swimming pool slide and lots of lovely tea was tasted! Our talented yoga teacher Adam made a film of the retreat which shows you everything you need to know about our Sri Lanka retreat. Here is it below:

How to meditate

The highlight of our Sri Lanka yoga retreat was a pre-dawn visit to our local Buddhist temple. We zoomed off in our tuk tuk convoy through sleepy villages and climbed the steps to the temple and gave our offerings to a huge Buddha statue (found sleeping in a cave). We then sat quietly to learn more about the benefits of meditation and practice some basic Buddhist meditation techniques with the head monk. We each received a blessing and felt a strong bond of friendship forming between us. A powerful shared experience often unites our retreat guests and by the time we left the temple this group felt like a loving family.

Hiking in Sri Lanka

For those who still had some energy there was a big mountain hike on offer with incredible views and a chance to reflect on the retreat before heading off on our seaplane and back to Europe. Thank you to our Sri Lanka hosts and vinyasa teacher Adam Husler for creating a brilliant retreat. Thank you to one of our most chilled retreat groups ever for becoming part of the Reclaim Your Self family. See you again on another tropical retreat.

Happy Sri Lanka retreat guests

“From the moment we were welcomed as the seaplane landed everything was perfect. The group were amazing and electric, it was a true pleasure to spend time with everyone. I found it to be totally relaxing and great fun, while we always knew there was great support and assistance in the background. Jools was every thing I expected, genuine, respectful, funny and strong and Adam as usual was his true wonderful self, a great teacher who wants to share his knowledge and teaching. I learned so much. Thank you.” Henry Morgan

Where next?

Adam Husler has retreats coming up in Italy, The Azores and Iceland in 2019.  He teaches yoga classes in London and workshops all around the world too.

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