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10 healthy snacks to pack for your yoga retreat

Yoga retreat snacks

Bringing your own healthy snacks to a yoga retreat is not essential but it can sometimes help to pack a few items in case you need an extra energy boost. Many of our retreat locations are quite remote so there may not be an easy option to pop to the shops, so it is always […]

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The Best Yoga Retreats for Healthy Foodies

bowl of healthy porridge with nuts and flower toppings outside in tropical setting

There’s nothing like sitting down in an exceptional setting to tuck into to a delicious, healthy dinner you didn’t have to cook yourself. When you are on retreat you want to make sure the food you’re being served is not only healthy enough to power you through your morning yoga class but also exciting enough to […]

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Yoga Food: Plant Based Eating on Retreats

gluten free plant based pancakes with nutella

We know you want to know: What is yoga food exactly, and why do we encourage plant based eating on retreats? We get that you’re curious about what you’ll be eating on your retreat before you book your ticket and we know that for some of you the idea of a fully plant based menu […]

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The best yoga retreat breakfast ever?

Vinyasa yoga retreat Sri Lanka

Turmeric Lattes and Banana Muffins After a challenging yoga class and a big breakfast, you deserve to set down and relax with a turmeric latte and a banana muffin. Here’s how you can make them at home. Thanks to Saba from the Treehouse Kitchen for sharing two of her best plant based breakfast recipes. Turmeric Lattes […]