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Seasonal Cooking: Warming Winter Recipes

seasonal cooking winter squash recipes uk

As the winter draws in and the weather gives us little to look forward to, let’s create our own optimism with FOOD!

Seasonal Vegetables and Healthy Foods to Eat During Winter

Now is the ideal time to get stuck into some seasonal cooking and fill up on all of the fruits and vegetables that flourish in your part of the world during winter. Some of our favourite autumn and winter vegetables available in the UK include:

Beetroot, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celeriac, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Radishes, Leeks, Onions, Parsnips, Chestnuts, Chicory

Stock up on these while they’re in season and at their freshest and tastiest.

Eating locally and seasonally means you’re getting your fruits and vegetables when they’re fresher and therefore have more of their all-important vitamins and minerals. It also means they have travelled less far to reach you, so their carbon footprint is smaller than for ingredients shipped and flown over from exotic locations.

Plant Based Food: Warming Winter Recipes:

So now you know which veggies to cook with this winter, what will you do with them?!

Reclaim Your Self retreat chef and queen of seasonal cooking, Bettina Campolucci Bordi, has a whole host of warming winter recipes to get you fully embracing the cold evenings. Her seasonal recipes are the perfect opportunity to cosy up and fill your belly with healthy comfort food!

Our idea of comfort food is a little edgier and a whole lot healthier than the norm. As we advocate plant based fare and the use of seasonal ingredients, our favourite winter recipes of Bettina’s are brimming with healthy swaps, lots of fibre, and lots of opportunity to get in more veggies!

For some autumn/winter food inspiration, take a look at Bettina’s healthy recipes below:

Vegan Paella

plant based chef recipes vegan paella on table with chef
The best way to use up leftover seasonal vegetables? In a vegan paella!

This one is a beauty because you can adapt it to the seasons simply by switching the vegetables you add in! Here Bettina uses green beans, asparagus, potato and tomatoes—but you can throw in whatever you have in the fridge, which saves leftover veggies from the bin, too.

Try parsnip and carrots for a root vegetable twist on this Spanish favourite.


Sweet Potato Cakes

bettinas kitchen happy food sweet potato cakes vegan dinner seasonal cooking
Repurpose your sweet potatoes into these tasty cakes – kids in particular will love these!

A lovely alternative to fish cakes when you’re eating plant based. These cakes make great use of seasonal sweet potato, which grows from October to March in the UK.

Serve with Bettina’s dressing and a side of fresh winter greens.


Vegan Moussaka and Tzatziki

You can’t beat a good moussaka on a cold winter evening!

Bettina has gone and created a vegan, healthy version of this dish which she grew up eating—and it’s something special!

This dish is packed with winter vegetables, and is a great way to use carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and leeks. Get creative and customise with your own favourite seasonal vegetables.

Serve up on Sundays for a vegan alternative to roast dinner. This one is sure to become a favourite at your dinner table amongst vegans and non-vegans alike.


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