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5 Reasons You Need to Book a Yoga Retreat

Why book a yoga retreat? With so many holiday options available, it’s a valid question! You can elevate your retreat experience in many ways by booking a retreat which incorporates yoga. So we have compiled a list of 5 unarguable reasons why you should make your next holiday a yoga retreat.

1. Reach Your Potential: Get Better at Yoga!

Yoga reteats give you the time, space and support to reach your yoga goals.

Deep diving into both the physical and spiritual elements of yoga within a retreat setting will undoubtedly augment your self practice.

With 4 to 5 hours of daily yoga classes taught by top yoga teachers— who will get to know you and your abilities personally— you will see your yoga skills and confidence improve even within the short space of time of the retreat. The yoga programmes on our retreats are designed to help you safely push your body and your belief in what it can achieve.

Of course, you can get better at yoga at home. But excuses, a busy lifestyle, and daily life can often get in the way of a regular and focussed practice. On a yoga retreat, you are dedicating specific time to learning yoga, and gifting yourself space away from the distractions of normal life.

2. Become an Adventure Yogi

Yoga Retreat Svalbard
Yoga Retreat Svalbard

The combination of yoga and adventure is certainly a powerful one. Our extraordinary retreat locations are the perfect setting for life changing adventure superior to other types of holiday.

Climbing snowy Icelandic mountains, kayaking in Svalbard, or hiking sheer peaks in Norway are no easy feats. But the sense of achievement you will gain when you push yourself to your limits is priceless and brings with it a kind of self-confidence only available to those who conquer their greatest challenges.

Adventure activities like these can seem a little daunting at first. But, this is a yoga retreat! So the can-do attitude you cultivate in class will help you conquer your trepidations.

Your daily yoga classes will catapult you into an absorbent and grateful state of mind to have you walking full of renewed confidence and able to overcome your fears to crush your adventure expeditions. You will also learn how to integrate yogic unity, perseverance, and mind-body connection to help you through the challenges of remote adventure.

Plus, yoga will aid in physical recovery from your exertions. Stretch achy muscles and calm your central nervous system with Yin yoga, and relax from your adrenaline-fueled activity with peaceful meditation.

3. Relax! Don’t Lift a Finger

flamingo inflatable in pool in tuscany on yoga retreat
Push yourself in your daily yoga classes then push yourself to your relaxation limits – because we have everything covered!

On our yoga retreats you can truly relax knowing that we are taking care of absolutely everything.

From the moment you land until it’s time to go home, you are looked after by our team of experts. Transport is arranged, healthy food is cooked and served to your table every mealtime; all activities and massages with top body workers are booked, and your yoga instructors are on hand to guide you in your practice. All within luxury accommodation that provides all the peace, comfort and amenities you need.

You don’t have to lift a finger or organise a thing. Just show up, know that you’ll have an exceptional experience, and focus on YOU!

4. Get Fit and Find Body Positivity!

why book a yoga reteat adam husler high lunge heart opening yoga pose
How you’ll feel when you reach peak physical fitness!

When you book a yoga retreat with us you know you’re in for a healthy holiday that will have you feeling your fittest and most energetic ever.

You will be enjoying yoga classes for up to 4 hours each day and because everything else is taken care of (see reason number 3!), you have no excuses not to practice! Our yoga instructors honour your personal abilities but will also challenge and encourage you to push yourself to discover your own physical greatness.

Combine this with heart-rate raising activities including hiking, horse riding, swimming, and kayaking and you can expect to notice huge improvements in your physical strength, mobility and flexibility by the time you head home.

Quite aside from physical fitness, immersion in yoga and adventure activities will also teach you gratitude for your wonderful body and everything it can do.

5. Discover the Power of Unity

That feeling when you reach your goals with the help of your new friends!
Emma, Bettina and guests celebrating and resting after finally reaching the top of an epic mountain on our Mongolia yoga retreat.

The definition of the word ‘yoga’ is union – and you will discover the true meaning of this while on your yoga retreat. Reclaim Your Self yoga retreats value community, friendships, shared experiences and the yogic concept of satsang above everything else. It’s what makes the experience so extraordinary.

Within the close and supportive retreat setting of yogis all working together to reach new heights of adventure, you will form bonds with others and discover new connection with yourself, too.

Choose a yoga retreat for your next holiday for a trip filled with laughter, memory-making, and extra special support from a whole team of new friends to make it to the top of those mountain peaks. There is nothing quite like unity with fellow yogis to make kayaking under orange light in the Land of the Midnight Sun or seeing the Northern Lights for the first time that extra bit magical.

As a group, you will become intrepid!

Convinced? Check out our yoga retreat schedule and book a yoga retreat for your next holiday.

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