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Yoga Retreats in India with Faye Riches

Yoga retreat India

Faye Riches, our India yoga retreat teacher is possibly one the kindest people we have ever met, she seems have an endless supply of compassion. She is also a strong and powerful teacher (see the middle image below!) taking her students through their paces in her dynamic vinyasa flow yoga classes. It is quite a potent combination.

“My classes are a tapestry of strength, grace, empowerment and clarity woven together with eclectic playlists.”

Faye is a yoga pioneer in her home town of Colchester. Over the past 10 years she has worked hard and built a vibrant yoga community. She has recently launched Same Star Yoga, where she leads a team of talented teachers who work together to offer yoga classes, workshops and events with a focus on healthy wellbeing and mindfulness.

Faye’s big passion is travel and she has taught yoga in some pretty cool places including India, Ibiza, Bali, New Zealand and the Gambia. This year she is heading to the Caribbean too. Watch Faye practice here.

When a teacher joins the team we always ask them where they would love to work as we want them to feel passionate and excited about their work with us. Without skipping a beat Faye’s answer was India. So here we are! We ran our first India yoga retreat together this year and have just confirmed our India yoga retreat for 2018, working at a wonderful new location on Morjim beach. Well done to Faye who found the location too. It is gorgeous.

“I absolutely love taking people to India for a yoga retreat. It is a wonderful opportunity for us all to honour and connect to the source of yoga. I have already started creating the content for our next retreat and I can wait to teach it.”

Faye also teaches on our annual New Year Yoga Detox which is always sold out so if you are after a buzzy weekend filled with yoga and great tunes, book ahead!


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