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Discover The Power of Adventure

svalbard adventure yoga retreat exploring the wilderness with husky

Have you experienced the power of adventure?

In this modern world of digital media the draw of adventure has never been more readily at our fingertips. We need only open Instagram to be faced with swathes of photos of people out in the world, enjoying the adventure that is planet earth.

But there is more to adventure than catching an epic Instagram photo.

Real adventure sweeps you up on a transformational, fear conquering, memory making journey of self discovery and leaves you on the other side victorious in your accomplishments, and filled up with stories, lessons, self belief, and gratitude.

It’s exhilarating and addictive. At Reclaim Your Self, we have caught the insatiable passion for adventure! We believe in the power of adventure as a conduit to expansion and ability to effectively tackle anything life throws your way, even when you’re back in quotidien reality.

We have seen first hand, time and time again, the power of pushing you to your limits so you go home bursting with self belief, confidence, can-do spirit, and inspired by what can be found out in the wilderness of life.

Find Real Adventure on a Yoga Retreat

We now have more adventure retreats, with more challenging, transformational and explorative experiences on the itinerary than ever before. Your retreat exploits are paired with a programme of intensive daily yoga classes to amplify and facilitate your physical and spiritual transformations—and relax you after active days out in the elements!

Our comprehensive calendar of adventure yoga retreats is poised to test your grit, spirit and daring—and will reward those who take them on with priceless experiences, memories and new friendships.

Check out this selection of our most adventurous of yoga retreats:

Mongolia: Remote Adventure

mongolia horseback riding adventure yoga retreat in the wilderness
Our Mongolia guests transform into intrepid exporers of the vast wilderness!

Join us in Mongolia for a truly transformative, out-of-your-comfort-zone experience.

Traversing through tough terrain to our remote camp locations, adjusting to a new way of life, mustering courage to dive into daily bucket-list activities, and taking on tough journeys to remote locations isn’t easy. But conquering the challenges together as a team is a true adventure of spirit, and takes you on an emotional voyage to discover the adventure that lies within you! Not only will you trek the expansive landscapes of the Gobi desert, you will discover the far reaches of your own potential.

The Mongolia experience will leave you with a humbling gratitude for life, appreciation for our planet, and stories of adventure you’ll be telling for life.

Japan: Cultural Adventure

japan yoga retreat adventure visiting japanese temple autumn trees
Deep dive into cultural adventure activities in wondrous Japan.

Embark on a journey celebrating cultural diversity, unusual dining experiences and serene, fairytale-like wilderness on our Japan yoga retreat.

Here you will discover the adventure of exciting unfamiliarity on a vibrant experience far removed from quotidien Western life. Adventure into the wonder of Japanese temples, magical night-time hikes, surprising food, traditional tea ceremonies, forest bathing, remote and rustic locations and Jivamukti yoga with Emma.

Our Japan yoga holiday immerses you in the adventure that is the phenomenon of Japan itself.

Svalbard: Arctic Adventure

svalbard scenery at the top of mountain climb on yoga retreat adventure
Adventure buddys! Team work to the top on our Svalbard yoga retreat.

New for 2020 – our exclusive, unrivaled arctic explorer expedition in Svalbard will sate your appetite for adventure like nothing else.

Staying in the northernmost commercial cabin in the world at the edge of the magnificent Nordenskiöld glacier, even your accommodation is an exciting, in once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In the endless arctic daylight of midsummer, you will traverse the snowy, spectacular landscape to explore not only the wildlife and panorama, but the extreme elements as well. Kayak across dramatic glaciers and icebergs and hike as an intrepid team across the stunning arctic land.

The trip reaches its pinnacle on the final day with a hike up our neighbouring glacier. The tough climb is well-worth the effort for the bonding you will experience with your new retreat family as you share in the uphill journey as a unit and finish as one. The feeling when you reach the top encapsulates the power of adventure.

You can’t visit polar bear land and not have an adventure; it’s a way of life on our Svalbard retreat.  

Guatemala: Tropical Adventure

Kayaking out in the free serenity of Lake Atitlá

Our award winning Guatemala yoga retreat location on the banks of the legendary Lake Atitlán lends itself to tropical adventure and discovery. The venue is an adventure itself, crafted from volcanic stone, inhabited by indigenous Mayan staff, hidden within its own nature reserve and accessible only by boat to those in the know.

Between your daily yoga classes, take off exploring the lush Guatemalan landscape  by horseback or kayak, or head out by boat to dive into the exuberant local markets and villages.

Ready to experience it for yourself? Join us on an extraordinary yoga retreat and quench your thirst for real, transformational adventure!

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