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The Best Yoga Retreats for Switching Off

best yoga retreats for switching off lapland no signal lapland treehouse hotel

So you’ve realised you need a digital detox? You’re in the right place!

Here is a run-down of our best yoga retreats for switching off:

Digital Detox in Luxury: UK Yoga Weekend

17th century manor house bedroom best retreats for switching off Digtal Detox Yoga Weekend
Reset in a WiFi-free haven in the heart of the English countryside.

Despite the prompt to hand over all devices at the door, our yoga and digital detox weekends, held every year in the UK with Jivamukti yoga instructor Emma Henry, always sell out — they were even featured in Good Housekeeping magazine!

Take a weekend for yourself before the chaos of Christmas begins to indulge in some cosy comfort, reap the benefits of yoga and meditation, and get some nourishing, device-free headspace. Lift your face up from your phone to enjoy the resplendent private gardens, blissful baths, and bodywork with Amanda Tizard in our 17th century manor house just an hour outside of London.

Reclaim Your Self was the first company, back in 2016, to run digital detox and yoga retreats in the UK, and with increasing demand we have plans to add more dates to our UK schedule very soon.

Find Real Connection: Mongolia Yoga Retreat

best yoga retreats for switching off no signal mongolian gobi desert
Is there anywhere a notification would be less welcome than in the stunning Mongolian wilderness?

If consciously leaving your device at the door seems a bit much, you need Mongolia.

While our Mongolia Retreat isn’t a formal ‘digital detox’, its remote location means there is no WiFi and no 4G. None.

You can wave your phone over your head to your heart’s content but the only things you’ll be able to connect with out in the wilderness are yourself, nature and your fellow retreat guests! Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Forget typing and swiping and get stuck into campfire Kirtan, Jivamukti yoga, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking and rafting instead. This one of the best retreats for switching off you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

Succumb to notification-free simplicity and join us for a restorative Mongolian yoga adventure — don’t miss early bird booking for 2020!

Nature Calls: Lapland Tree House Yoga Retreat

best yoga retreats for switching off lapland no signal lapland treehouse hotel
They may be ultramodern but our Lapland treehouses truly immerse you in device-free nature.

Using your phone or laptop while sitting in a treehouse overlooking lush pine forests just feels… kind of… wrong.

And that’s exactly where guests on our Lapland retreat find themselves: high above the ground in comfortable, elegant tree houses set within serene Swedish woodland. This is arboreal accomodation at its most inspiring—talk about a change of perspective!

Indeed, the juxtaposition of tech and tree prompts you to reconsider how much you really need, or even want, your device whilst on retreat. Rather than disrupt the natural silence with jarring phone dings, we guarantee you’ll happily switch off and try some forest bathing, moose safari, and treehouse spa time instead.

Our Lapland retreat sells fast, so don’t miss your opportunity to unplug in Scandanavian serenity.

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