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The Best Yoga Retreats for Healthy Foodies

bowl of healthy porridge with nuts and flower toppings outside in tropical setting

There’s nothing like sitting down in an exceptional setting to tuck into to a delicious, healthy dinner you didn’t have to cook yourself. When you are on retreat you want to make sure the food you’re being served is not only healthy enough to power you through your morning yoga class but also exciting enough to match an epic day out exploring the wilds of your chosen destination.

We have it covered! We are dedicated to delivering extra-special menus bursting with plant-based nutritional goodness. So whether you are a vegan sun-seeker or a gluten free adventurer, we have the perfect yoga retreat for every healthy foodie. 

Here is a list of our best retreats for you healthy foodies to whet your gastronome appetites worldwide:

The Best Yoga Retreats for Healthy Foodies


adam husler yoga instructor tuscany healthy yoga retreat food
Adam Husler posing with his farm-to-table dinner in Tuscany!

The retreat for any self-proclaimed healthy food advocate. On our luxury Italian escape you can look forward to tables laden with local farm-to-fork delights to punctuate your yogic escapades and hillside adventuring.

Our star yoga instructors Emma Henry and Adam Husler unite for our yearly Tuscany retreat to deliver true hunger-inducing classes. The vegan food menus are more than a match for the h-angriest of post-practice yogis, though.

As our biggest retreat venue, with room for 40 guests, Tuscany provides the perfect setting for long, social dinners true Italian style! Which is just as well, because two of our top chefsRichie and Bettinajoin us for a creative fusion in the Tuscan hills to bring guests tasty healthy recipes on their indulgent retreat menu.

We may be in the land of pizza and spaghetti but you are sure to head home feeling light and energised instead of overstuffed and sluggish!


chef in the kitchen preparing healthy dinner on yoga retreat with colourful raw ingredients
Dinner in preparation for our hungry yogis.

When a yoga retreat is headed by revered Vinyasa instructor Adam Husler, you know you’ll be needing plenty of plant based foods to fill up on after every challenging class!

Which will not be a problem, as Bettina Campolucci Bordi takes the reins as chef for our Azores healthy foodiesmeaning that dishes as satiating as they are mouthwatering will abound.

With small group dining and Bettina’s emphasis on nourishing plant based ingredients, meal times are set to be as complimentary to your healing experience as the sound baths, yoga practice, and whale watching that characterise the Azores experience.

Costa Rica

bowl of healthy porridge with nuts and flower toppings outside in tropical setting
An example of how we start the day in Costa Rica

Foodies, rejoice! Your Costa Rica food experience promises to be as immersive as your authentic jungle explorations.

Our chef for Costa Rica, Bettina, will host an exclusive healthy cooking class and a trip to a local spice farm, where you will spend the morning picking sumptuous spices and the afternoon in the open plan kitchen helping to create dinner with your freshly chosen seasonings. Of the Costa Rica menu, Bettina says,

I will incorporate as many local influences as I can with the best produce available. Think tropical fruits in abundance with heaps of fresh ingredients to nurture both body and soul‘.

Earn extra healthy foodie points with a visit to the unmissable vanilla and pineapple plantations. The Costa Rica resort smoothie bar is also at hand for liquid snacking under the fronds in between yoga classes.


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