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Need A Good Night’s Rest? The Best Retreats for Sleep

Mountain view on best retreats for sleeping norway yoga retreat

Good sleep is an essential component of an exceptional retreat experience — we know that on your yoga holiday, you’re looking forward to peaceful nights in uninterrupted dreamland as much as you’re excited for the yoga and adventure!

We have you covered. Check out our run down of the best yoga retreats for sleep:

Experience Natural Darkness: Iceland Yoga Retreat

icelandic cabin by the mounatins for yoga retreat and sleeping

There are infinite things about Iceland that make a yoga retreat there exceptional. When it comes to sleep though, our remote location completely free from light pollution is the number one plus!

Iceland is one of our very best retreats for sleep. Accommodation is based on a private farm where you will have your own luxury cabin surrounded by valleys and breathtaking mountains. The subsequent silence and darkness out here mean you’ll enjoy uninterrupted deep sleep and unrivalled levels of sleep-enhancing melatonin during your stay. And you’re guaranteed a spectacular show of the Northern Lights, if they happen!

Throw in a bath house, sauna and open air hot tub and you have everything you need to promote five nights of superior slumber.

Choose to join us in Iceland on Emma Henry’s Jivamukti Yoga retreat, or for Adam Husler’s Vinyasa yoga retreat.

Rewild Your Sleep: Treehouse Living in Lapland

lapland treehouse accommodation best retreats for sleeping view from bedroom
View from the treetop! With such serenity surrounding you, how could you not enjoy dreamy sleep?

Nothing enhances sleep like the great outdoors, and on our Lapland retreat you have access to nature in abundance. Indeed, one of the most alluring features of this favourite retreat is the unique treehouse accommodation in the middle of serene forest woodland.

Experience silence as you never have before and get close and rewilded with nature without forgoing luxury. You may even get to drift off to sleep in your cosy arboreal nest with the Northern Lights playing over your head.

Daily adventure activities out in Arctic wilderness will leave you more than ready to sleep well each night. Combine these with ultimate relaxation in the form of fifteen hours of yoga and meditation classes, unlimited time in the treetop sauna, an outdoor jacuzzi, and heavenly relaxation rooms and you are sure to enjoy deep sleep of a calibre unusual in urban living!

Get Cosy in Deep, Dark Norway

Mountain view on best retreats for sleeping norway yoga retreat
Even while you’re awake, you’ll feel like you’re in dreamland on retreat in Norway.

Due to its mystical, deep, dark winters,Norway proves to be one of our best retreats for sleep.

Norway is the perfect destination for action packed adventure out in the wilderness. Pair this with less sleep-disrupting screen time and twice a day Jivamukti classes with Emma will send you off to bed at the end of each day ready for a fully restorative night of sleep.

Because Norwegian winters are made from just 4 hours of sunlight each day, you’re guaranteed extra cosy, melatonin-fuelled slumber to leave you raring to embark on all of the activities our Norway yoga retreat has to offer.

Don’t deny yourself any longer the deep sleep you deserve! Book your retreat today and begin counting down to uninterrupted nights of restful dreaming.

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